Enjoy the good things efficiency brings.

2016 was a great year for energy efficiency in Nova Scotia

Over 1000 people are directly employed in energy efficiency in Nova Scotia—

That’s double the size of Nova Scotia’s successful wine industry.

Shining a new light on energy efficiency

In 2016, the Marigold Cultural Centre in Truro completed energy efficient upgrades with projected savings of up to $40,000 over the next 15 years, as well as improved ambiance, ticket and gallery sales.

Since 2008, Nova Scotians have reduced their electricity consumption by 9%

Bringing comfort and energy savings to renters

We identified 880,000 kWh of electricity savings for 370 affordable housing units as part of a new pilot to increase tenant comfort and affordability in Nova Scotia’s rental housing.

Energy efficiency is the cheapest, cleanest way to fight climate change

It’s one of the good things efficiency brings, but there’s so much more.

Growing up green—the next generation of efficiency leaders

Students, teachers and the larger school community are becoming more energy efficient and enhancing environmental sustainability at over 200 schools across the province as part of our Green School Nova Scotia program.

Improving efficiency, one home at a time

Close to 1,400 homeowners received a $99 Home Energy Assessment in 2016. Our customized recommendations will help families save an average of $1,000 per year on their energy bills.

Our climate change-fighting actions have avoided approximately 700,000 tonnes of CO2

That’s about the same amount of emissions avoided by installing 177 wind turbines.

Award winning efficiency in action

Five winners received awards for their achievements in energy efficiency. Farnell Packaging in Dartmouth, a family business in operation for 55 years, took home the Engagement Award after creating an energy committee and saving over 150,000 kWh in one year, becoming more productive and profitable in the process.

Helping those who help others—
bringing efficiency to non-profit organizations

We partnered with the Ecology Action Centre to create energy management plans for six non-profit organizations in 2016. Lower energy costs make it easier for these organizations to support their local communities.

Breathing a little easier with energy efficient upgrades

Helping income-qualified customers save up to $900 per year, like Theresa and Carl MacLeod. They’re more comfortable in their home, and saving on their energy bill every month.

We helped over 28,000 program participants last year alone—

Their actions reduced Nova Scotia’s electricity use by 1.2% preventing over 83,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

More than meets the eye — building efficient homes from the ground up

In 2016, Efficiency Nova Scotia worked with Housing Nova Scotia to build the province’s first Passive House affordable multi-unit building. Thanks to its energy efficient design, the new duplex in Truro is expected to cost only $250 per year to heat, making it even more affordable for families.

Our advocates for efficiency are with you every step of the way

Onsite Energy Managers plan, implement and evaluate energy-saving projects. They also identify and obtain funding and financing opportunities. David Brushett has worked in Nova Scotia for the last 10 years helping organizations achieve their sustainability goals.

Saving energy is a viable industry and supports a healthy economy

It gives Nova Scotians the ability to work here at home and contribute to their communities

A sizeable catch for Nova Scotia’s lobster industry

In 2016, we helped 11 different lobster facilities complete projects with projected savings of over $5 million, allowing them to keep up with the growth of the global market.

Thank you for all your support in making 2016 one of our best years yet

See more of our year in the full Annual Report.
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Thank you for your contributions to our collective success. See more from our year. Click here to read our 2016 Annual Report.

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EfficiencyOne is a leading efficiency expert. We believe in the power of efficiency to change lives, and we work with a number of outstanding partners to transform how our customers use energy and other resources. In Nova Scotia, EfficiencyOne supplies cost-effective electricity efficiency and conservation services through the Efficiency Nova Scotia franchise. EfficiencyOne Services was established in 2016 to bring our experience and expertise to more people and places.