All the good things 2018
All the good things 2018

All the good things

EfficiencyOne 2018
Pictured: Julie and Justine Senior, Owners of Fisherman's Picnic General Store

Bringing good things
to small businesses

We help businesses of all sizes achieve savings in their day-to-day operations—like Fisherman’s Picnic General Store in Lunenburg. The store is run by Julie Senior and her daughter Justine, and sells only Nova Scotian products.

“In partnering with Efficiency Nova Scotia, we were looking to get advice that would help reduce our electricity costs,” Senior explains. “We installed a heat pump and also an energy efficient fridge and freezer, [which have] reduced our overall costs and [made] the store a lot more comfortable,” she adds.   One of the most surprising aspects was the ease in which the process flowed. “The paper work […] was very simple and straightforward. Also, the speed in which they processed the rebate was really appreciated.”

Fisherman’s Picnic is now enjoying the good things efficiency brings, like lower bills and a reduced carbon footprint. We’re helping more Nova Scotian businesses achieve the same every year.

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Pictured: Shoppers at the Fisherman's Picnic General Store
Pictured: Janet Swansburg

Energy efficient upgrades help homeowner stay rooted
in the Annapolis Valley

We believe energy efficiency is for everyone, including people living on a fixed income. Like Annapolis County resident Janet Swansburg.

Janet, who has lived in her 1800s era home for over 50 years, received free energy efficient upgrades, making her home more comfortable and lowering her heating bill.

Janet’s home was upgraded with:

  • Basement insulation
  • An energy efficient dehumidifier
  • Smart thermostat
  • Carbon monoxide detector

Now Janet can focus more on the things she loves about living in her home and take comfort in knowing she can afford to stay in her home for years to come.

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Pictured: Janet Swansburg
Pictured: 2018 Bright Business Award attendee

Growing our industry,
and our impact

Every year, Nova Scotia’s energy efficiency industry continues to grow, creating more jobs here at home. Our network of distributors, contractors, and consulting engineers is just one place where growth is happening.

The Efficiency Trade Network started in 2016 with 37 partners, and only three years later, has grown to over 200 members in locations across Nova Scotia—and we’re not done yet.

In 2018, we hosted 391 members for a variety of training events. Sessions like Passive House Builder Training and Energy Advisor Training have allowed our partners to grow their knowledge and offer more services to their customers.

Every year, the Bright Business Conference and Awards brings together members of our Network and other energy efficiency leaders and industry professionals. In 2018, we welcomed over 270 attendees and 18 engaging speakers as we celebrated the province’s best in class efficiency leaders.

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Pictured: Charlie Cormany, Executive Director, Efficiency First California, speaking at 2018 Bright Business Conference
Pictured: Inside Phil Dennis’ passive home

New homes,
new ideas

When mechanical engineer, Phil Dennis, and his family moved back to Nova Scotia from Montreal, he was ready for a career change—and his family was ready for their dream home. Phil trained with the German Passive House Institute and worked with Efficiency Nova Scotia to build the family’s dream home into reality.

Passive homes are built to the highest standards of energy efficiency, with a focus on making the building envelope as air-tight as possible.

Natasha Brooks, a Program Manager with Efficiency Nova Scotia says the Dennis home, “was so successful in the design and construction […] that it only costs $100 per year to heat the entire [thing].”

Efficiency Nova Scotia offers advice, customized recommendations to building plans and rebates to help make your new home as energy efficient as possible

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Pictured: Phil Dennis’ passive home
Pictured: Edith Mosher’s Lake Echo home

Lake Echo homeowner keeps 1960’s bungalow stylish
with energy efficiency

Edith Mosher and her husband have lived in their 1960’s bungalow in Lake Echo for 38 years. They’ve worked hard to keep their home up-to-date with stylish renovations, and more importantly, renovations that have helped their energy costs drop.

The couple installed a heat pump, with help from a rebate from Efficiency Nova Scotia, and attic insulation in 2013. While their heating costs went down, Edith knew there was more work to be done. The basement was unfinished and uninsulated, but time and money deterred the homeowners from taking the next step.

After an energy assessment from Efficiency Nova Scotia revealed that 51% of their home’s heat was being lost through the basement, the couple received rebates to help with the costs of insulating their basement and air sealing

Since the work has been done, Edith and her husband notice a big difference.

“It’s just lovely. You can go down there and be comfortable,” says Edith. “Now my husband even has a home office in the basement.”

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Pictured: Before and after upgrade photos of Edith Mosher’s home
Pictured: Tim Nobes, Facilities Manager, Shelter Nova Scotia

Affordable Housing Pilot helps reduce energy poverty
across the province

Tim Nobes is the Facilities Manager for Shelter Nova Scotia. Working with Efficiency Nova Scotia, three emergency shelters in Halifax are being upgraded with insulation, heating equipment, and draft proofing – at no cost to Shelter Nova Scotia

“After the completion of these upgrades, the clients are talking about the changes and their attitudes change. They feel the result of these upgrades,” says Tim, who is managing the upgrades for Barry House, The Elizabeth Fry Society and Metro Turning Point. “They feel we’re paying attention to their needs, and that generally raises their level of comfort.”

“The funds generated by the efficiencies achieved through these programs enable other necessary improvements to our properties that further benefit our staff and clients.”

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Pictured: Metro Turning Point men’s shelter
Pictured: Andrew Garrett stands in front of fluorescent lighting tubes recycled at Valley Waste-Resource Management Centre

Helping the environment,
one recycled mercury product at a time

Across Nova Scotia, Efficiency Nova Scotia has collected mercury-containing streetlights, outdoor lighting, business lighting, thermostats, appliance switches, CFLs, and recycled them properly and safely.

With 50 drop-off locations throughout the province, it's easier than ever for Nova Scotians to recycle their mercury-containing products responsibly.


In 2018 over 58 kg of mercury was collected, which includes:

  • 47 kg of mercury from orphan products (old blood pressure gauges, hydrometers, jars of liquid mercury etc.)
  • Over 1,033 km of fluorescent tubes – this is the equivalent of driving across Nova Scotia end to end 1 ¼ times!
  • 125,111 CFL bulbs.

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Pictured: Valley Waste-Resource Management employees outside a recycling warehouse
Pictured: Guest lecturer Kathleen speaks to students enrolled in Saint Mary's University’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy course

Growing the next generation
of efficiency leaders

By partnering with educators around the province, we’re helping grow the next generation of efficiency leaders.

Green Schools

1 in 2 schools across the province are part of our Green Schools program. Each school year, our Engagement Officers are busy teaching over 20,000 students about the environmental benefits of being energy efficient. Students, teachers and the larger school community are learning how to waste less, save energy and the planet.

Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) Bright Student Bursary

Efficiency Nova Scotia and NSCC partnered for a second year to award the Bright Student Bursary to a student enrolled in the Energy Sustainability Engineering Technology program. These students are committed to growing their career in the energy efficiency industry after graduation. Luke Hiebert was the recipient of the 2018 bursary. “I feel a great need to learn how to build/design affordable and sustainable homes for those in need. I am determined to make a difference in the world of affordable and universal housing.” We’re happy to help Luke and students like him follow their passions for energy efficiency

Dalhousie and Saint Mary’s University programs

Through our partnership with Dalhousie University and Saint Mary’s University, we are proud to offer a course on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, designed to build capacity in these sectors in Nova Scotia, and foster student’s interest in sustainable energy.

So far, over 90 undergraduates have completed the course.

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Pictured: Dave Corning of ENS, Sean Fleming, Instructor at Saint Mary’s University, and Kathleen Heymans from the Province of Nova Scotia stand outside a SMU classroom
Pictured: Contractor installs a new heat pump to a resident’s home in Wagmatcook

Sharing a Vision
for energy efficiency

Working with Nova Scotia’s Mi’kmaq communities, we developed a new pilot program to help community members save energy and make their homes more comfortable.

The program is providing upgrades to First Nation community homes that have the biggest impact on energy consumption, such as insulation, draft proofing, and heat pumps.

Preference is given to Mi’kmaq preferred contractors to complete the upgrades.

Through the program, 100 homes in Mi’kmaq communities across Nova Scotia will receive upgrades with an annual savings of $1,000 per home.

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Pictured: Contractor finishes installing a heat pump
Pictured: Efficiency Partners installing solar panels on Dennis Wright’s home

The sun is shining
on energy efficiency

More Nova Scotians than ever are switching to solar, with help from Efficiency Nova Scotia.

Homeowners like Dennis Wright, who’s Beechville home has been in his family for more than three decades. He’s now enjoying significant energy savings and his home has reduced its carbon outputs.

Making the switch to solar has saved Nova Scotians over 400,000 kWh, continuing our province’s dedication to fighting climate change, while creating economic and environmental benefits for all Nova Scotians.

Now that’s a reason to shine.

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Pictured: Solar panels are put in place on Dennis Wright’s home
All the good things